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Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: Why should I purchase expensive scissors?

A: Quality shears consistently take a better edge, and prove to be a superior investment in the long run.


Q: How should I care for my scissors?

A: Your scissors should only be used to cut hair. Many of today's blades are designed and honed some finey that any other material will dull or damage the edges. For example, perm solutions and the harsh cchemicals used in today's salons are very destructive even to staniless steel scissors. Wipe your scissors clean and dry after each use. To maintain smootheness, place a small drop of all-purpose oil in the pivot screw area of your scissors. his will lubricate and help prevent build-up and corrosion. Apply oil frequently or at least once a week, depending on the use.


Q: How should the scissors feel?

A: Under normal conditions, scissors will weear and tend to feel loose. The blades should not fall open by themselves, but be comfortably tightened to maintain a clean cut with minimal bending and pushing of the hair.


Q: What services do you provide for scissors?

A: Sharpening, replacement of scissor bumpers and screws, rounding of lips, cleaning of shears, and buffing of blaeds. In order to serve you properly, please indicate any special services or requests to new orders and when servicing products.



Q: Which clippers does the Sharpening Center service and repair?

A: We service many brands, including but not limited to: A5, Andis, Oster, Schultze, Sterling, and Wahl.


Q: Which clipper parts do you carry in stock?

A: We offer an extensive line of parts for clippers, including accessories, attachemnts, switches, cases and cords, as well as all parts required to overhaul and recondition clippers.


Q: When do my clippers need service?

A: If the blades jam, wobble or chatter, the blades should be serviced.


Q: How can I extend the life of my clipper blades?

A: SInce clippers cut with a back-and-forth action of the blades, it is important to not only clean the blades after each use, but also place a drop of oil on the blades after each use.


Q: When my clipper blades are serviced, will I get the same blades back?

A: Yes. All blades and associated parts are kept securely together during servicing.


Manicure Instruments

Q: Which types of manicure instruments does the Sharpening Center service?

A: Acrylic nippers, nail wrap scissors, manicure scissors, pedicure implements, and tweezers of all types.



Q: How can I keep my knives sharp?

A: Knives are kept sharp by protecting the edges when storing them. Knives will dull quickly if stored in a drawer unprotected from other utensils. Contact with other metal will prematurely dull a sharp cutting edge.


Q: Can you sharpen serrated edges?

A: Yes. The Sharpening Center can sharpen and re-serrate blades to extend their life.


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