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Our Service Labs

It's been said year after year that our service labs have provided some of the finest and most complete sharpening found anywhere in America today.

We Pride ourselves on having hundreds of tools for that exact factory fit for properly maintaining original adjustments and repairs.

Many of our craftsman have traveled extensively throughout factories in Europe to continue original methods of service and equipment. Also, some of our staff has advanced training, travel and education in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, England, Ireland, France, Italy, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and the United States.

Parts are critical in service in our business. We strive to stock the most original replacement parts and supplies available.

We don't sharpen just one way. Each item is done by hand and with a variety of super abrasives including aluminum oxides, silicon carbides, cerium oxide, polishes ceramics and diamond.

Complete Service and Repair Program

Providing a turnkey professional sharpening, reconditioning and repair service of the worlds finest cutting instruments. Total salon support.

  • On super high quality honed edge scissors
  • Polished edge high quality beauty scissors
  • Standard barber shears, original grinds, corrugated edges
  • Original factory edges on all name brand products including thinners, texturing, notching and specialty
  • Grooming shears, curved blades, custom edges
  • Manicure and nail nippers and scissors
  • Nail care, cuticle, scrapers, pushers and instruments
  • Straights razors, cleaned, honed, re-sharpened
  • Clipper repairs, parts, tune-ups
  • Clipper blades, flat, hollow cut, semi hollow, sharpening
  • Thousands of original replacement parts for scissors, tools, and clippers
  • Service and support, questions, consultation
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