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Hand Honing

The fine art of hand craftsmanship and custom honing goes into the highest quality blades. The edge is carefully balanced with sharpening and honing, resulting in the keenest edge attainable.


Polished Edges

Shears with a polished edge are made from a blend of high quality metal manufactured with a slight arc or tension curvature. The angle of the edge is steeper than that of a standard edge, resulting in a smooth, friction-free cutting.


Thinning, Texturing and Notching Blade Service

Traditionally, the thinning shear has one solid cutting blade and one holding blade with teeth. The texturing shear has teeth in both blades, allowing more hair to escape, but giving the hair a slight textured look. A notching shear typically has from 5 to 14 teeth, resulting in a chunky, spike or radical cut. All three styles need to be properly sharpened to maintain the cupping or "V" notch on the holding tooth edge.


Standard Shear Edge Service

Similar to the basic factory grind on shears costing from $10 to $50, this edge is typically found on instruments used by barbers, stylists, and groomers, including corrugated and serrated edges. We adjust the shear, balance the tips, and sharpen the blades to their original edge.


Grooming, Veterinary and Medical Instrument Service

We hone clipper blades to the optimum cutting efficiency with flat, hollow, and semi-hollow sharpening systems, and clean, oil, adjust and test them. We restore grooming shears to their original edge, and clean, oil, adjust the blades, blunt the tips slightly, and corrugate them if needed. We give close attention to the delicate and exact cutting angles of medical instruments, and return surgical, tissue, bandage, and micro surgical instruments to their optimum performance.


Manicure and Skin Care Service

We know how important it is to work with extra fine tips and edges for close and delicate work. Our precision equipment will give your fine edges careful, precise sharpening and expert repairs.


Utility Shears and Cutlery Service

We service utility and special shears by hand, one at a time, restoring them to better-than-original performance. Industrial edges, keen knife edges, fabric and sewing instruments are carefully serviced through a series of hand sharpening steps. We can recondition professional cutlery with bad edges, chips, broken tips, and other damage and restore it to a super fine honed edge.




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