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Super Service- Ultra Hone and Sharpen

Extra high quality, total service package. Clean, Polish, hone, and sharpen to the optimum edge. Includes parts if needed. Including Hikari shears.

Recommended on very high quality shears for the best possible edge.


Japanese Style Shears and Thinners

Complete Ultra-fine custom hand honing from cleaning to final adjustment. Restored to original style edge.


High Quality Polished Edge Shears

Knife edges, razor edge, keen cut style, etc.

Recommended for intermediate priced shears.


Wide Tooth Notching and Spiking Shears

14 teeth or less, flat grind, polished, cupped, or slanted teeth.


Ceramic Shear Sharpening

Price may vary slightly depending on edge condition.


Standard Stylist, Grooming and Barber Shears

Catch out, ice, or corrugated edges. Regular grind, factory style edge.


Thinning and Texturizing Shears

German, U.S., French, Stainless, 44/20


Nippers and Nail Scissors

Manicurist, nail nippers, acrylic, nail and cuticle scissors.


Replacement Parts, Scissors, Nippers, Installed

Screws, nipper springs, stoppers, silencers.

Matt Combs with Removable Blades $1.75 each

Utility/Regular grind, All-purpose shears

Including fabric, sewing and upholstery

Bandage and Tissue Shears, Medical, Surgical Style $9.50
Scissor- Fine Honed, polished cutting edge 0-9", Utility and Sewing scissors $8.50
Scissor- Fine Honed, polished cutting edge 10-12", Large fabric shears $12.50


Clipper Blades- Regular Size Set

Oster, Andis, Wahl, German, flat and hollow ground


Clipper Blades- Large Size Set

Oster/Sunbeam, Stewart, Large animal blades


Clipper Blade on Unit

Sharpen Clipper Blade, including clean & adjust Clipper Unit


Custom Work Requests

Tip work, damaged shears, doubles, triples, repairs

price will vary

Clipper Repairs- MInor Tune-up Package

Clean-off and oil front bearing port, remove top plate, remove gears, re-grease, replace parts, remove and inspect brushes, clean brush ports, remove end-cap switch unit, clean-out and vacuum out hair, reset switch contacts, test run, any other requests noted.


Clipper Repairs- Major Tune-up Package

Remove rear motor housing retaining clips, take out motor coil housing, clean out all burned hair, vacuum all parts, recondition motor commutator contact bars, re-lubricate front and rear motor shafts, re-center and install motor assembly, check brushes and replace (new) if needed, reassemble, tighten all parts and test run.



Small Paring 0-5" and Steak Knives $4.95
Medium Utility Knives 6-9" $5.95
Large Slicers and Chef Knives $6.95
Serrated, Scalloped Bread, Slicing $8.95
SANTUKU Style Hollow Grind $8.95
High Quality Hand Honed Edges, SHUN $8.95
Specialty Folding & Sportsman Knives $6.95
Sushi Style Extra Sharp $8.95-$10.95
Cleavers $8.95 (Varies)
Repairs on Tips, Chips, Heels $5.95+


Kitchen or Poultry


Household/Sewing, Nippers, Nail Scissors




Custom Sharpening

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